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BRAZIL EMERGENCY: Democracy shaken… Cowardly acting Parliament

Democracy shaken… Cowardly acting Parliament

Alexandre de Moraes determined search and seizure due to the acts of January 8, 2023. Many parliamentarians sympathized with Jordy on social networks. There is a time for everything.

Solidarity is important, but either the parliament takes a stand or we will continue to see ministers of the Supreme Court giving a lecture on public policies in Davos.

About the search and seize in Carlos Jordy’s house, I also sympathize, but it has already become routine. We have deputies arrested, impeached…. there is nothing new in this. This relentless persecution against those who dared to support Jair Bolsonaro needs to end.

Brazil knows that there was no coup attempt. Fact!

The harmony between the powers needs to be restored. At least one parliament that truly recognizes itself as a representative of the people and not cowardly and submissive to the ministers of the Supreme Court who have no vote and do not represent the popular will.

It’s time for us to reap a strong and independent parliament.

Jornal da Cidade

Brazilians need to understand that the country’s leadership has experience in crimes against the constitution. Today stealing more than before but with legitimacy, through taxes. The surplus of 53 Billion that the Bolsonaro government left was already compromised before they took office with campaign promises. They used it without having it. If it continues like this, the people will go to misery. The chamber has to protect the people. We are not seeing any reaction. People need to wake up.

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